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A world to win: a rough guide to a future without global capitalism

Feldman P. , et al. an international to win. . a coarse consultant to destiny with no worldwide capitalism (Lupus Books, 2004)(ISBN 0952345412)

The Central Middle Ages Europe 950–1320

В этой книге семь историков - специалистов в своей области исследуют, какие преобразования изменяли облик Европы в этот период. В тематических главах анализируется политическая, социальная, экономическая, религиозная и интеллектуальная история Латинского Христианского мира, и прослеживается его расширение на север, юг и восток.

The philosopher's child: critical perspectives in the Western tradition

The Philospoher's baby is an edited selection of nine modern essays (7 new works, 2 revised from formerly released work), every one of which examines the perspectives of a distinct thinker (Socrates, Aristotle, Hobbes, Locke, Kant, Mill, Wittgenstein, Rawls, and Firestone) concerning youngsters. all the participants to this groundbreaking quantity is a expert within the zone of the thinker she or he considers and provides to the reader either the chance to study the suggestions of those vital thinkers on a topic that's quick turning into a subject matter of serious urgency and the opportunity to these ideas in a serious context.

Waterloo 1815 (1): Quatre Bras

To coincide with the 2015 bicentennial of the conflict of Waterloo, Osprey publishes Waterloo 1815, a definitive 3 quantity heritage of the historical conflict. in keeping with new examine drawn from unpublished first-hand money owed and illustrations, Waterloo 1815 presents an in depth source for all elements of the well-known conflict.

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Woodcock patrol their territories above woodlands at dusk. “UNDERSTAND WHAT’S GOING ON IN EACH OF THE KEY HABITATS” © Niall Benvie © Niall Benvie M APRIL MAY ■ Nightjars churr on some southern heaths. ■ Corncrakes keep islanders in the Hebrides awake with their monotonous call. ■ Look out for slow worms under sheets of corrugated iron. JUNE ■ Red deer stags rub the velvet from their antlers. ■ Common lizards bask in the June sun. ■ Great skuas and arctic terns attack visitors on their nesting grounds.

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