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Download Essential Oil-Bearing Grasses: The genus Cymbopogon by Anand Akhila PDF

By Anand Akhila

Whilst having fun with a southeast asian soup or cup of natural tea, we're rather savoring the flavour of lemongrass. equally, the candy aroma of mosquito-repelling creams comes from the citronella oil found in them. positive perfumes, candles, and natural pillows with the wonderful scent of rose are frequently actually scented with palmarosa. supplying an in-depth examine their heritage and creation, crucial Oil Bearing Grasses: The genus Cymbopogon presents a entire overview of those economically vital grasses. a close exam of chemical elements and industry tendencies, the ebook explores the beauty, medicinal, and dietary makes use of of the plant. It covers the botany, taxonomy, chemistry, and biogenesis of the oils, and their extraction and analytical equipment, biotechnology, garage, laws, and alternate. Highlighting business makes use of for the grasses during this genus, the ebook additionally contains assurance of the physiological and ecophysiological issues. It provides a entire assessment of lots of the cultivated and wild species of cymbopogons. that includes contributions from a group of foreign specialists, the ebook describes the enormous ethno-botanical, phytochemical, and pharmacological wisdom linked to the multidimensional makes use of of the oils. It offers a whole commercial profile that comes with industry measurement, geographical resources, export and import info, and makes use of. Its pages provide a useful source for study, cultivation, advertising, or product improvement of Cymbopogon.

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Based plant growth regulator Miraculan on growth, CO2 exchange, and essential oil accumulation in C. flexuosus showed increased rates in plant height, tillers per plant, biomass yield, accumulation of essential oil, net CO2, and exchange and transpiration compared to the untreated control, but the number of leaves per tiller remained unaffected. Application of Miraculan also increased micronutrient uptake and total chlorophyll and citral content but decreased chlorophyll a/b ratio and stomatal resistance.

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