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Download Herbcraft: A Compendium of Myths, Romance, and Commensense by Violet Schafer, Win Ng PDF

By Violet Schafer, Win Ng

Herbcraft: the customised palate.

Herbcraft is a philosophical method of the joyous event of bringing the entire arts jointly in a dish. Herbcraft conjures up innovative flights on the range and brings forth memorable creations. What a stunning factor to come back including these you like, to eat.

Herbcraftsmen invent new culinary dishes with diverse herbs.

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I like my herbs fresh from the garden for two reasons: I am under no pressure to drink teas because I have bought them and they are there. I can mix and match as whim dictates, and by the cup. And afterwards I can take quiet pleasure in the leaves that decorate the b o t t o m of my cup — trefoils of strawberry leaves, heart-shaped leaves of violets, and textured tongues of sage. Purists will consider this a naughty pleasure: they lift out the leaves and ceremoniously change pots. But y o u decide which it is y o u are: purist or pleasure-ist!

Nasturtiums are a kind of herbal antibiotic in German-speaking countries because of the high content of vitamin C in their leaves. They add stunning color to the herb garden. PARSLEY A vitamin mine! Medicine should taste so good! The party girl of the herb family, parsley used to bring dishes to table in fancy dress only to disappear with the finished plates. In less permissive times, I curbed my appetite for this lively green and watched it go with real regret. Thank goodness the word is out: Please do eat the parsley!

They cheered at breakfast and soothed when day was done. TEA IS FOR PHILOSOPHERS AND POETS PREPARING TEAS Okakura Kakuzo's Book of Tea observes that a man with no tea in him is ill tuned either to the serious or the comic in life. The man who has too much tea in him, Kakuzo adds, is the creature of emotions larger than life. The happy man in the middle has to be the one who appreciates the simple j o y s of an herb tea that is pure amber in a porcelain cup! Herb teas are somewhat like wines. They are to be enjoyed for their bouquets and for their pale greens and gold colors.

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