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ZnO has several advantages, including better thermal conductivity, a much smaller lattice mismatch to GaN and a superior high-temperature stability. 400 lm/W have been reported with this method, but a number of challenges remain. A major limitation is that efficient green and yellow LEDs are still not currently available; another problem is that LEDs of different colors tend to age and degrade at different rates. 9 Various LED structures A second wavelength down-conversion approach is ultraviolet (UV) LED pumping of RGB phosphors.

The creation of photonic crystal structures in the InGaN device material has shown highly promising results. COM lighting and LEDs > e-book > high-brightness LEDs Future Trends for HB LEDs and optical lithography for producing photonic crystals and other nanoscale light-extraction features in HB LEDs. The nano-imprint lithography process transfers the relief image from a stamp or template onto the epiwafer. The substrate is first coated with an imprint material and then stamped with a template.

It also makes the lamp bulkier and less reliable. AC-based HB LED-based products greatly improve and simplify the integration of LEDs into the AC power lighting infrastructure. There have been efforts to develop AC-driven HB LEDs, which would simplify the lighting device and accelerate the migration of HB LED lighting into the general lighting market. Currently, Seoul Semiconductor is the only company to offer HB LEDs that run off AC current directly; its product is known as Acriche. available DC LEDs on the market today.

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