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Download New Worlds in the Cosmos: The Discovery of Exoplanets by Michel Mayor, Pierre-Yves Frei, Boud Roukema PDF

By Michel Mayor, Pierre-Yves Frei, Boud Roukema

With the invention in 1995 of the 1st planet orbiting one other celebrity, we now discover that planets will not be distinctive to our personal sun procedure. for hundreds of years, humanity has puzzled no matter if we're by myself within the Universe. we're now eventually one step towards understanding the reply. the search for exoplanets is a thrilling one since it holds the prospect that someday we would locate existence in different places within the Universe, born within the mild of one other sunlight. Written from the point of view of 1 of the pioneers of this clinical experience, this interesting account describes the improvement of the trendy looking at approach that has enabled astronomers to discover such a lot of planets orbiting round different stars. It finds the wealth of recent planets that experience now been came upon outdoor our sunlight method, and the which means of this discovering because it matters different lifestyles within the Universe. Michel Mayor is Director of the Observatory of Geneva, Switzerland. In 1995, including Didier Queloz, he came upon the 1st extrasolar planet (51 Peg b) round a first-rate series celebrity, and has chanced on many extra for the reason that. His paintings earned him the distinguished Balzan Prize in 2000, for Instrumentation and strategies in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Pierre-Yves Frei is a technology journalist with the Swiss newspaper, Lausanne Hebdo. In 1998 he was once presented the Media Prize of the Swiss normal Sciences Academy for technology popularization. Boud Roukema is the translator.

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