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By Andre Norton

In a global approximately destroyed through a cataclysmic typical catastrophe, a tender metalsmith leaves his personal humans to search out a number of the historical talents and data.

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No Night Without Stars

In an international approximately destroyed through a cataclysmic normal catastrophe, a tender metalsmith leaves his personal humans to search out many of the old talents and information.

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By dawn they arrived at the foot of a cliff. Falls of dressed stone, stained by rusty streaks, made Sander sure that above them now lay the remains of a Before city. The scattered and shattered debris about them gave warning that devastation had hit hard here, and there could be little left of any value above—even if they could make the climb. If this city had once held the storehouse Fanyi sought, then her quest must certainly be doomed to failure. Sander, too, felt a pinch of disappointment, even though, he told himself, he had never truly believed in her rumored treasure house of knowledge.

With the morning he went down to the river, carefully judging the chance of crossing at this point. Fanyi insisted that what she sought lay beyond, north and now a little west. If they returned to land, retracing all the way they had covered yesterday, they would still have the river to cross in order to reach their goal, and it could well be patrolled, even back to the edge of the inner country, by the water creatures. Therefore, dare they attempt to cross here and now? The river current cut sharply into the new sea.

Then Sander lay flat on the ground in an open place, the sun beaming harshly into his eyes, enough to make him squint them shut again. When he turned his head as far as he could and cautiously opened his eyes again, it was just in time to see the last of the hairy men swing upward into the trees again on the other side of the clearing. Had they left a guard? If not—was there any way—? Sander squirmed within his casing of net. He could wriggle a little on the ground, but none of the lashings loosened.

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