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Download The Foreign Student: A Novel by Susan Choi PDF

By Susan Choi

Hugely acclaimed by means of critics, The international pupil is the tale of a tender Korean guy, scarred via warfare, and the deeply bothered daughter of a prosperous Southern American relatives. In 1955, a brand new scholar arrives at a small collage within the Tennessee mountains. Chuck is shy, speaks English haltingly, and near to his previous existence in Korea he'll no longer converse in any respect. Then he meets Katherine, a stunning and solitary younger girl who, like Chuck, is haunted via a few darkish episode in her previous. with out fairly realizing why, those outsiders are drawn jointly, every one sensing within the different the potential of salvation. relocating among the yank South and South Korea, among a youngster girl's sexual awakening and a tender man's nightmarish stories of conflict, The international scholar is a robust and emotionally gripping paintings of fiction.

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There is something, the Episcopal Church Council. ” “No, I do it for the council, when they ask me. But I like to give a talk. ” Most of his pictures were from a set of National Archive photographs of Korea, in which it looked dim, impoverished, and unredeemable, in contrast with his presentation, which sought to be generic and not surprising or unpleasant. He generally explained that Koreans were farmers, that they enjoyed celebrating their holidays clad in bright costumes, that they were fond of flowers and children—that they were unremarkable, hardly worth the trouble of a lecture.

He shrugged, but said nothing. She was a little pleased at his brushing her off. “Perhaps it’s not too much trust,” she corrected 34 The Foreign Student herself. “Perhaps it’s more a sort of thoughtlessness. Sewanee is an island. Nothing new ever washes up here, and that makes people dull. They stop noticing things. ” “I know islands,” he said. ” “An island of the mind. ” She laughed briefly. ” That fall he’d often walked in the woods. In some places white pine trees grew so tall that their trunks had lost their branches to a height of twenty, thirty, forty feet or more because they didn’t get light.

But it did not tip or tremble; it kept steady. They might have been watching a ship come in, Katherine thought. For a moment she could feel it. The arrival in a strange land, and stepping onto the gangplank as the whole harbor paused in its work and turned a single gaze toward you. She stood there with him in a half circle of constant, unshy observation until she had paid the boy and they had emptied their glasses and slowly walked back to her car. “They don’t know what to make me,” Chuck said, as they were driving away.

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