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Download Applications and Efficiency of Heat Pump Systems: by V. R. Pendyala, V. S. Patwardhan (auth.), I. E. Smith (eds.) PDF

By V. R. Pendyala, V. S. Patwardhan (auth.), I. E. Smith (eds.)

The papers during this assortment have originated from Britain, jap and Western Europe and India, with the delegates coming from fifteen nations, together with a powerful contingent from Japan. this means a common curiosity within the software of warmth pumps. the warmth pump suffers from an environmental dichotomy. at the one hand it saves fossil gasoline strength, thereby lowering CO emissions. nevertheless, within the vapour compression shape, 2 it regularly employs CFCs that are harmful to our protecting ozone layer in addition to contributing to the greenhouse influence. Taking the 1st, warmth pumps, probably have the widest program numerically within the heating (and cooling) of constructions and a very good paper describes case experiences pertaining to 3 huge Norwegian resorts. In those, warmth used to be pumped from the adjoining river or sea while heating used to be required, and through the summer season, whilst cooling turned worthy, to generate household scorching water. the warmth pumps have been put in by means of SINTEF Refrigeration Engineering, Norway, and feature tested payback classes of approximately years. The fractional overall power saving of the 3 resorts used to be 30% accordingly, a powerful determine, certainly. an identical paper via a Belgian architectural consortium indicates how this system may be effectively utilized to the cooling of a giant tv advanced the place massive amounts of warmth have been being generated by way of the luminaries. during this workout the cooling load was once effectively pumped to supply sizzling water.

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66. 5, to give a widely varying throughput; and the use of a binary zeotropic working fluid mixture whose composition may be varied continuously in response to changes in available power input. Taken together, these innovations allow the condenser outlet temperature to be maintained at a near-constant value whilst the compressor power input varies over an order of magnitude. 5 m. The potential advantages of using a nonazeotropic mixture as working fluid have been widely studied (Berntsson and Schnitzer 1984; Ofner et al.

Over a conventional single-fluid heat pump. The advantages that accrue have been shown by Patwardhan (1987) to be very sensitive to the working fluid composition. p. over a range of operating conditions. 42 SELF-REGULATING HEAT PUMP The working fluid is separated by using a two-stage condensation system with intermediate pressure reduction. The first, high pressure condenser gives a liquid rich in the heavy component; whilst the product from the lower-pressure condenser is rich in the lighter component.

99 in case of entirely separated compression. The figure also indicates the internal efficiency of the compression. This, in case of perfect wet compression, is equal to the internal efficiency of the compressor and decreases with the increase of liquid delivery by the pump. An important result is that deviation from the perfect wet compression to a certain limit causes only a slight loss. 34 EXPERIMENTAL HYBRID HEAT PUMP 6. THE PILOT PLANT Some information on the pilot plant were published earlier [22].

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