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Barcelona, 2022

Remo Chair

A modern chair with timeless artisan qualities. Crafted in natural wood and a choice of tonal finishes it stands out for its gently curvaceous back legs and open-armed backrest that cradle the user and provide optimal support.

Remo’s woven seat also comes in a selection of materials, each with its own personality: interlocking elasticized tape that lends a fresh contemporary feel, and woven paper chord for a more traditional finish.


Fresh, natural, comfortable and accommodating, the Remo chair is versatile, honest and with a happy soul.

Barcelona, 2021

Godó Collection

Our new Godó collection lives up to its rather regal name. It has a noble character thanks to the use to fine wood and rich, luxurious upholstery. Godó stands out as the most refined collection in the Lagranja design furniture catalogue, for its inherent elegance and strong presence.

The Godó collection is designed for spacious waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, and outdoor and indoor spaces where time is on your side.


The generous form and 360° visual appeal of the armchair and divan is achieved with precisely curved and geometrically arranged wooden slats that cradle your back and provide comfort, complemented with a smart pouf for perching or putting your feet up.


Crafted in beech for interior use or hardy iroko for the exterior, Godó features a deep upholstered seat and cushioned back that can be rearranged for to body contours and removed for easy cleaning.

Barcelona, 2021

Bold New Colors

Because what the world needs is color, we have introduced tonal diversity to our Bold chair collection. Mix, match play and have fun with new green, sand, salmon and blue versions at home, in a restaurant, or wherever you please.

Barcelona, 2021

Bros Armchair & Sofa

Be careful with Bros. You may have to exert some authority to claim your place on this supremely accommodating sofa and armchair. With a soft, tactile upholstery and generous feather filling, these pieces provide ultimate creature comfort while still appearing elegant and totally contemporary.

Their squishy rotund form is highlighted with robust visible seams, while a minimalist base crafted in beech wood is discreet and practical, letting the seat, back and arms speak for themselves.

Barcelona, 2019

Round Collection

Many things are round: A football, an emoji, the universe and life itself. Round has no beginning and no end, and it represents a seamless, soothing form of comfort – just like the Round Collection.

The idea behind Round was to create a collection of furniture that is a little bit light-hearted and a little bit haughty, but most of all inviting and accommodating. Totally covered in high quality fabric and devoid of right angles, you can almost feel the level of comfort before you take a seat.


The supports of the chairs and stools in the Round Collection are crafted in metal, with legs ending in spherical feet; a fun gesture that also adds lightness to the frame and brings a sense of playfulness. In the same sense, Lagranja Collection invites you to have fun while choosing one (or more) of the carefully selected fabrics or leathers for Round’s upholstery. Perhaps a contrast edging to define the shape? Or even finishing the metal frames and feet in nickel-plated colours. With Round, the possibilities know no bounds.

Barcelona, 2019

Bebek Stool

This stool makes a statement from behind; the first impression we have of patrons at a bar or high dining table. Its elongated back looks almost like a shield, providing intimacy and maximum support and comfort. It can be upholstered with a variety of colours, textures and patterns to add personality to any hospitality setting.

Barcelona, 2019

Cross, Tube & Sitges Tables

Cross Table: You will be like a kid in a candy store with fresh collection of occasional tables. Available in three sizes, dozens of colours, and tops made of oak or walnut, you can mix and match and have fun combining them with your décor. The base of the Cross Table, as the name suggests, is made from two, precisely cut sheets of aluminium that fit toge-ther like a puzzle, making them light, but also very sturdy.

Tube Table: With its robust form and chubby legs, this little table has been conceived for public spaces and has many levels of personality. Its incredibly thin top (5mm) is supported by three legs that end in turned wooden feet, which add a contrasting, natural touch to the aluminium body. You can also play with the colours of the aluminium and types of wood – iroko in the exterior version and beech or oak for the interior – or even match the table top with a wooden finish.


Sitges Table: Named after the Mediterranean resort town near Barcelona, the Sitges Table is perfect for relaxing outdoor settings. Made of lightweight aluminium with a lacquered finish, its base is formed from a singular tube that is folded to form three legs, making it very lightweight in appearance but also very sturdy.

Barcelona, 2017

Bold Collection

The Bold Collection is the first line of outdoor furniture designed by Lagranja Design. The design is true to its name: it is bold and daring. The pieces aim for a robust look and with an energetic choice of colours for the upholstery. But don’t let their robustness fool you. The Bold furniture is extremely light and easy to move around. Even a child could lift it!

Their voluminous appearance has been achieved through the use of 32mm diameter aluminium, a dimension that is larger than the standard for this type of furniture. In the same way, their weight has been reduced by using mass-dyed acrylic cord (which ensures the duration of the colour despite being outdoors) both on the seat and backrest of the chair.

Barcelona, 2017

Basic XL

New versions of the original pieces! Our Basic armchair and Basic Divan got a warmer, cozier makeover. They have got bigger and grown wings. Both are made of solid wood, the backrest and seat are upholstered. You can choose from various types of fabric and multiple colours. The frame is available in beech, oak or black stain.

Barcelona, 2017

Room & Seta Pouf

Fun new seating options! Room (and it’s little buddy, Small Room) is a retro-style upholstered pouf, created for a glamorous cocktail bar. Its backrest makes it very comfortable, with a very discreet size. You can match the fabric of the seat and backrest or have an upholstered seat with a leather backrest, which is more luxurious.

“Seta” (Spanish for mushroom, would you call it in any other way?) is a Fun pouf with a molded samba wood base which ensures the lightness of the piece, and a comfortable upholstered seat. You can choose from various types of fabric and multiple colours.

Barcelona, 2017

Berry Table

This family of tables are inspired by the Cone models. Berry is the lighter version, stripped down to its essential lines. It has a lacquered iron base available in three different heights (50, 75 and 110cm). You can choose to have the table top in cast iron, compact HPL or plywood.

Barcelona, 2015

Basic Collection

At Lagranja we believe that good design is not always simply the most extreme. Originality and innovation do not necessarily imply revolution or the need to turn upside down what other people have already done. Thus, the philosophy behind the collection Basic was not one of gratuitous surprise or breaking of moulds.

This collection is based on solid ideas and respect for tradition: the elegance of Nordic design blended with the organic warmth of the Mediterranean. We employed simple but attractive forms, used only natural material such as wood, and took advantage of modern technology to bring the best out of traditional hand-crafted work.


The whole is greater than the sum of the parts … and brings us closer to the essence, to the Basic. We hope you like our designs. Soon, there will be more in our catalogue and on our website.

Barcelona, 2015

Lagranja Collection

The story of Lagranja Collection began in 2012 with the design of an armchair for the Chic&Basic Ramblas Hotel in Barcelona. As the hotel’s interior design budget was quite tight and given that we did not want merely to use replicas, we decided to risk designing and producing a series of 15 chairs. After all, we believe that if you can’t find what you want, then the only solution is to make it yourself!

The design of the armchair had to be attractive, simple, easy to produce and, above all, sufficiently original to justify our decision to create our own product.

Fortunately, everything turned out perfectly!! Many of the hotel’s guests asked where they could buy chairs like ours. So, with that encouragement, we set to work to produce a second series. The chair’s design began to circulate on Internet and we were even occasionally able to sell single chairs to clients. Then, one day, a very important international chain ordered almost 100 units for their cafés in Norway. This had a logic to it since our design has a certain Nordic feel. We were delighted … but logistically things began to get a bit complicated as we had to learn to manage orders and stocks, and provide post-sales service when at heart all we ever wanted to be was a design team!


And then Lady Luck came knocking again, just at the right time. Vergés, a local manufacturer of chairs with three generations of experience, got in touch. Soon, they had taken control of the production of our chairs and the distribution logistics, thereby allowing us to concentrate on more creative tasks. A year on from the start of our collaboration with Vergés, our chair no longer stands alone. We have created a whole series based on the same concept, which now includes chairs, armchairs, stools and tables. All on sale on-line and at competitive prices.


We chose Basic as the name for our first collection because it summarizes the ideas that guide us and provides a clear identity for this new project. High-quality materials, careful manufacture and good design do not necessarily mean high prices. Good design is simplicity — and very often the opposite is also true: simplicity is often the best design.

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